Welcome to Social Misfits

SocialMisfits is a new up, & coming 18 & up Social Network / Chat site. Our goal is to make this a TRUE one of a kind environment for everyone who joins. First and foremost, the site and everything on it is FREE and will remain free for the entire existence of this site. You will NEVER have to pay to be a member of our site.




Our Chat features a Lobby, Voice, and Cam rooms free for all members. We are currently testing a new chat that is on a network of 31,000+ people. This chat will allow for a fast growth of new members. As this is new to Social Misfits, the old version of chat is still on the site, and is still working, and available for all members. Click the chat button, and come join in on the fun.





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There are 4 hidden easter eggs on the site. If you are lucky enough to find them. You will earn 5,000 points per egg. Good luck ;)


Any accounts found to be under 18 will be banned, and deleted.